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Jon Jarrett jjarrett at CHIARK.GREENEND.ORG.UK
Tue Apr 8 15:52:26 EDT 2003

On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Mark Von Bargen wrote:

> Browsing in my local shops, I came across the following HW references.


> Loaded (UK lads monthly mag) - this month has a feature on the mighty
> Tenaious D. Amongst the five rock greats who were major influences on
> the might D are Hawkwind!!.

        Blimey. Can't say as I can hear it...

> Finally, saw a CD in the local music store - Wizzards & Demons - a
> compilation inspired by the works of JR Tolkein. The final track on
> the album is by Sam Gopal - any ideas whether it features Mr
> Kilminster. I'd have to go back to get the track title tho' - maybe
> tomorrow.

        I never saw you follow up with this, but almost certainly the
answer to your question is yes, because the Sam Gopal album with Lemmy on
features a track called `The Dark Lord' which is, without any doubt, about
Sauron. If that information still helps after three months, you're welcome
to it... Yours,

"I recognise that I have transgressed many of the precepts of the divine
law, and that I am subjected by various vices and iniquities, disobedient
to the words of the divine mystery brought unto me and a worshipper of the
delights of this military age." Marquis Borrell of Barcelona, 955 A.D.

             (Jonathan Jarrett, Birkbeck College London)

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