OFF: consumer economics (was: Hawkwind MP3's)

Paul Mather paul at GROMIT.DLIB.VT.EDU
Wed Apr 9 11:19:31 EDT 2003

On Wed, Apr 09, 2003 at 03:25:44PM +0100, M Holmes wrote:
=> Paul Mather writes:
=> > If I had free dental care, I doubt that would make me take less care
=> > of my teeth just so I could partake of the dubious pleasure of
=> > multiple free root canal procedures...
=> Perhaps not, but you not be the person on the margin.

So, is a "person on the margin" in this case someone who cannot (or
will not) foresee the long-term result of his or her action (or
inaction)?  If so, it would seem that across the board here in the US
that the margin is becoming a majority, or at least not taking
responsibility for your own actions (perhaps blaming someone else when
the consequences come home to roost) has become something of a boom
industry... ;-)



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