HW/NIK: Question for Messrs Anderson & Turner

Doug Pearson jasret at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Apr 9 14:59:36 EDT 2003

On Wed, 9 Apr 2003 19:03:26 +0100, Jon Jarrett
<jjarrett at CHIARK.GREENEND.ORG.UK> wrote:
>        Either way, again, it's a live recording not owned by the
>band, and there are therefore no royalties to be paid.

Yes, and no.  There would still be royalties paid on the
songwriting/publishing.  Which means that, presumably, Dave Brock is still
making more money off of these than anyone except Dave A (and the owners of
EMI publishing).  So it's only the non-writers (Del & Dik, Simon King, and
Lemmy [who, of course, doesn't need the money relative to the others]) who
can legitimately complain about getting screwed financially.

The one shady bit that I just noticed on my Decal/Charly 'Yuri Gagarin' CD
is that the non-EMI tracks which are Calvert poems ("In The Egg", "Wage
War") are credited to Nik, and not Bob.  Although one can easily argue that
if it had the correct songwriting credits, it wouldn't be a real Hawkwind
live album!

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