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On Wed, 9 Apr 2003 18:36:26 +0100, Captain Bl at ck <starfield at SUPANET.COM>
>> Was this (Astounding) the first album on which Simon House used string
>> synth instead of Mellotron?
>No, the mellotron's right in there on Chronoglide Skyway.

Yes, you're right, that's unquestionably Mellotron.  What about "City Of
Lagoons", though?  That sounds too thin to be a Mellotron, and seems to
have the kind of chorus effect generally associated with string ensemble-
type keyboards.  (And just to run through the keyboard sounds on rest of
the album while thinking aloud ... "Reefer Madness" - piano & probably
minimoog, "Steppenwolf" - Hammond? organ, "Kerb Crawler" - just 700?, "Kadu
Flyer" - piano, organ & 700, "Aubergine" - just synths ... nope, no more
string sounds.)

>They started using the Logan String Ensemble on Quark.

Ah!  Thanks for the make of that one.

>But I have a funny feeling Simon used the studio's Minimoog rather than the
>usual Korg 700...check out the pitch bends on Honky Dorky.

As well as the mod wheel action, IIRC.  I always thought the synth solo
on "Reefer Madness" (same song, right?) was too (sorry!) "phat" to be
anything but a Minimoog.

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