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Doug Pearson jasret at MINDSPRING.COM
Thu Apr 10 20:59:03 EDT 2003

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003 20:34:42 EDT, Joe Loehr <JLoehr4299 at AOL.COM> wrote:
>Just had a listen to my CD of P.X.R. 5, and the "Official" lyrics don't
>jibe with the song.
>Fer examples: site says:"Heading for the crossroads of fiery crucifixion";
>song says "Cruising for the crossroads . . ."
>Site says: "While I hold the wheel of Fate. . .";
>sounds to me Calvert sings:
>"One hand on the wheel of Fate. . ."
>I don't even want to think of digging out all the other versions to see
>what they say!

Yeah, there are other differences ... on one version (I think the Sonic
Assassins one), Bob adds the lyrics "... of the cross" and "... that would
be your loss" (I think, I'm not at the stereo right now) after the
lines "feel like Jesus Christ heading for the stations" and "feel like a
hero heading for extinction".

>Maybe the lyrics changed between the writing and the recording of the song?

I get the impression that a lot of Bob's lyrics started as (relatively)
free-form improvisations, and were only finalized when the band went into
the studio to record them.  It's pretty obvious that the lyrics to "Uncle
Sam's On Mars" and "Hassan i Sahba" had not been finalized for the fall '76
tour released on the 'Atomhenge 76' set.

>PS I'm not pissing about the Official Site, either! I like it!

Pointing out the occasional omission ("Back on the Streets", to name one)
or inaccuracy definitely isn't slagging on the site.  I'm mighty glad that
the lyrics are there, even if they're not quite *all* there ...

     jasret at mindspring.com

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