HW: Family Tree

Neil Shilladay neil.shilladay at MICROLISE.COM
Mon Apr 14 06:04:09 EDT 2003

As I started this thread, I should point out that I did purchase the
above, and feel I should add my comments
I like the Paradogs numbers a lot. I thought Jerry brought a rock sound to
the Hawks, which is my kind of thing.
The Richard Chadwick number is cool once I get past the seven minutes of
dance beat stuff, (sorry, not my cup of tea).
The Ron Tree , and the Dave Brock stuff is ok, but doesn't really strike
The version of Motorway City is suberb. I like it a lot, because of the
extra guitar sound there, it really drives the song.

Overall, I'm glad I picked it up, but agree it not essential.

Thanks to everyone for their comments.


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