BRAIN: Touring info that's phat!

Paul G paul.gittins at SKIPTON.CO.UK
Wed Apr 16 04:24:45 EDT 2003

I feel I have to respond to Albert's comments.  Seems to me like Mr Brown
is blaming the "failure" of the tBS mini-tour on the UK fans, when he
should be looking a little closer to home ....

I'm in touch with 30+ UK-based fans, and few, if any, have ever heard of
(or from) Mr Brown.  He's also made absolutely no attempt to make contact
through the places where BOC fans congregate - BDTE, J&A's, AOL boards.  It
wouldn't have been that hard for him to make these plans MUCH more widely
known - or to canvass views from the people who might actually want to
attend ....

Rumours of the tBS tour started to surface just about the time that BOC
tickets were starting to go on sale.  A LOT of us tried to get further
details of dates and venues before committing to BOC, but details were only
ever sketchy - "dates around 6-9 June, possible shows in Liverpool,
Birmingham, Newcastle ...."  However, 6-9 June is the weekend in the middle
of the BOC tour, and  a lot of fans were already planning to take this
opportunity to see multiple shows around that time.

Finally, I heave heard that Mr Brown was concerned that few BOC fans
attended the Alice Cooper convention that BDS played last year.  As one who
was there, I strongly believe that this was largely down to the poor
publicity for that event.  It seems to me that one sure way of boosting
attendances for a tBS show / tour / convention would be to use the upcoming
BOC shows to help spread the word - leafletting, word of mouth, whatever.

I would love to see tBS over here .... but please don't blame me for not
committing to a very vague proposition from a promoter who doesn't really
seem to want to promote .....!

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