BRAIN: Beach Party

Scruton, Jason Jason.Scruton at DFA.STATE.NY.US
Wed Apr 16 09:15:54 EDT 2003

>While there's good stuff here, I prefer the old tBS, circa *Trepanation*
>and *Box of Hammers*.  I realize that times change, and Pete and Billy
>(RIP) are no longer with the band.  The remaining original 3 members
>(hey, we've got "3OC", should we call you guys "3BS"?)

Hmmm, I think that would require having a former member of Richie
Blackmore's Rainbow in the band.
(On the wattlist, a discussion of Richie's fans came up at a gig of his
with his new medieval music -- the 'hardcore' were all dressed in
garb typically at a Renaissance Fair. hehee! Makes you long for
Smoke on the Water, doesn't it?)

>"Siege..." alone is worth the price of this disc -
>"tR&tB" - amazing how much mileage this song has gotten -
Amen, Brother about "Siege..." The first time I heard it live was one of the
heaviest moments in my concert-going life, until the hijinks the next night
at Seneca Falls.

"The Red and the Black" is still in the Mike Watt and the Secondmen's
set-list, but with a Hammond organ instead of a guitar. has their itinerary.

>sure this was needed.  "Date With a Guitar", unfortunately, to my ears,
>doesn't work - again, maybe I just long for the crunchy guitars of the
What stuck out most about this song is how that evil lil' prog rock
before the chorus on BoH was changed round completely.

Is there such a thing as a "wall of guitar" sound?

> Stealin' Thing has some cool percussion frothing underneath the strong
> vocals and lead guitar.
>Got to listen to this one some more.  I don't have any particular
>impressions of it (yet).

The piano figure reminds me of the piano after the bass solo/"b'boom boom
section in the Stones' "Stray Cat Blues."

> beach party indeed!

I wonder if we could cajole tBS into starting their sets with the theme-song
to Beach Blanket Bingo, or maybe a Beach Boys song...
(Has their ever been a punk-ish version of "Good Vibrations?")

(what the hell is in my coffee today?)

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