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Thu Apr 17 21:25:50 EDT 2003

Right, here goes.

I'm at home by myself, as my lovely wife is off working in Nottingham for a
couple of days, so for once, I've had a chance to sit at home with some
beers and listen to (at high, neighbour-p1ssing off volume) some of my

Now, the playlist included..:

Motorhead - Bomber
Gillan - New Orleans
Girlschool - Hit and Run
Budgie - Breadfan
Half Man Half Biscuit - Bob Wilson, Anchorman
Budgie - In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter's Hand
Celtic Frost - Mexican Radio
White Spirit - Back To The Grind
Tygers of Pan Tang - Love Potion Number 9

You can see the kind of rock 'n' roll tip I've been on tonight...

Hawkwind - Urban Guerilla (single version)
Lawnmower Deth - Up The Junction
Anal C**t - I Got A Job As A Councelor So I could Tell Rape Victims They
Asked For It
A.C. (See above) - Easy E Got AIDS from Freddie Mercury

You can tell that I was drinking more than was good for me by this point...
Then it got silly...

A.C. - Domestic Violence Is Really Really Funny
Saxon - And The Bands Played On
Spider - Talkin' 'bout Rock 'n' Roll
Slade - Hear me Callin'

And then I made the big mistake of putting on (just one track - "Take Me
Away") from "The Revolution By Night", (one of my favourite BOC tracks
*ever*).  And realised that the production on it sucks big dog c**k in hell.

Hang on.

Blue Oyster Cult - Take Me Away

Of all the songs listed above (including the AC songs), it has the worst
production of any of them.

It's f**king awful.

I'd never listened to it against properly produced albums before - only on
its own (where you just listen to it as an album with some great songs (and
some sh1t ones)).

What the hell did Bruce Fairburn think he was doing?

Now, since I've started writing this message, I've gone downstairs, and set
the whole album to "play".

It's not a bad album.  But compared to everything else I've listened to this
evening, the production on it sucks d1ck in hell!

I'm going to have to finish this email, then finish my mug of tea (to all
Americans reading this, that involves BOILING water, not just hot water),
then go downstairs (several flights of, after buying this huge bloody house)
and put Secret Treaties on.

Talking of this bloody great house that we've just bought, my wife went
round for a coffee with the woman who lives next door a couple of weeks ago.
Apparently, the day we moved in, the bloke next door saw me with a Motorhead
sweatshirt on, and decided that we were OK next door neighbours.

Oh, well did he?!  Bloody thanks.  Just because he looks like the long lost
fourth member of ZZ Top, that makes it OK does it?  He still won't f***ing
speak to me on the street.

Maybe he's pissed off with Half Man Half Biscuit, Alien Planetscapes and
Jegsy Dodd and The Sons of Harry Cross coming through his living room wall.
Well, **** him, that's all I have to say.  If he wants to hear some great
music, I'll do him a CD of Larry Boyd's music, that he did for me before he
got so ill he couldn't do anything.  (Rest your soul Larry - I think you'd
enjoy this rant).

I suppose that's what you get for moving to a small town with a small town
mentality.  Is there anyone else on the list lives in Northamptonshire?

Anyway, back to music...

When I lived in East London, my local pub was quite happy to play tapes /
CDs by Radio Birdman / The New Christs / Half Man Half Biscuit / Hawkwind /
Beer Powered Noise Frenzy / Kevin Bloody Wilson / Lawnmower Deth etc, and
even went as far as employing a band behind the bar (Vinyl - go and see them
if you get the chance) to work while they tried to get something going for
themselves.  Here in smalltown, Northampton, the only way you'll get a gig
is if you're a f***ing Elvis impersonator.

So, anyway, to continue ranting, I get to move from a scabby two bed flat in
East London (that's East London, London, not East London, Johannesburg) to a
big f**k off house in the Midlands, but have to accept that I'm never going
to find a decent guitarist to play music with - nor an audience for low down
dirty rock'n'roll featuring shed loads of slide guitar (a la Rose Tattoo).
It's a bastrad really.  (And yes, I really did mean to type "bastrad").
(And where the **** do I find a drummer?)

Whoo... I just read this email - It's a kind of Chris Mumford rant, isn't
it?  Still, if I like my music loud and with guitars, and the neighbours
don't, then f***'em, and the horses they rode in on.  (And I hope I'm not
being a nazi.)  (Well, maybe a puritanical 'Music with guitars in' bastrad).
(But I can cope with that).

I can't think what the original point of this email was, other than "I'll
play what the **** I want, when I want (unless my wife (who listens to
Culture Club and The Human League) says so)"

I'll let you all know when the house warming is, and I'll shut up now.

Lots of love and kisses,  (and waiting for flames!)



And next time you have a beer, think of Larry.  :-(

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