HW: Sabbaticals - a few corrections

Bernhard Pospiech bernhard.pospiech at T-ONLINE.DE
Fri Apr 18 03:16:31 EDT 2003

Hi Folks

For some reasons I missed this thread (shame on me)

Maybe this (late) info gives you a little help

Here are the lineups for the last 4 years
If you need some other years please let me know

Pentrich        Coneygrey Showground    30.07.1999      Fri     BR/CH/TR/RI/DU
Honiton Allescombe Farm 04.08.1999      Wed     BR/CH/TR/RI/KN
Carleen Wedding Party (gig 2)   11.08.1999      Wed     BR/CH/TR/RI/RZ
Carleen Wedding Party (gig 1)   11.08.1999      Wed     BR/CH/TR/RI/RZ
Oxford  Zodiac  08.11.1999      Mon     BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/RZ
Norwich Waterfront      09.11.1999      Tue     BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/BA
Milton Keynes   Wavendon Stables        10.11.1999      Wed     BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/BA
St.Austell      Colliseum       12.11.1999      Fri     BR/CH/TR/RI/TU/BA/KN
Croydon Fairfields Hall 14.11.1999      Sun     BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/BA/KN/TU/RZ
Bath    Porter Butt Pub 18.12.1999      Sat     CH/WI/BM/DA/RI
Waihi Beach     Beach Hotel     04.02.2000      Fri     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Auckland        Powerstation    05.02.2000      Sat     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
New Plymouth    Fitzroy Tavern  10.02.2000      Thu     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Wellington      James Cabaret   11.02.2000      Fri     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Wellington      James Cabaret   12.02.2000      Sat     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Sydney  Happy Valley Festival   18.02.2000      Fri     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Byron Bay       Great Northern  22.02.2000      Tue     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Sydney  Metro   24.02.2000      Thu     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Sydney  ABC Studios     24.02.2000      Thu     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Auckland        Powerstation    26.02.2000      Sat     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Westport        Community Hall  03.03.2000      Fri     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Nelson  Artery  04.03.2000      Sat     BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Ystalyfera      Festival        21.07.2000      Fri     TU/LL/OL/CB/DI
Brixton Academy 21.10.2000      Sat     BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA/KN/BA/TU/LE/BL/..........
London  Astoria 29.12.2000      Fri     BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA/KN/BA/BL/HG/RZ
Croydon Fairfields Hall 25.03.2001      Sun     BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA/KN/HG/RZ/LL
Aldershot       Princes Hall    01.04.2001      Sun     BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA/HG
Nottingham      Rock City       02.04.2001      Mon     BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA
Leeds   Irish Centre    03.04.2001      Tue     BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA
Donnington      Festival        22.06.2001      Fri     BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA/KN/LL
Canterbury      Festival        18.08.2001      Sat     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN/BW
London  Royal Festival Hall     10.10.2001      Wed     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN/BL/HG
London  Nikestra        21.10.2001      Sun     TU/TR/RI/SL/OL/CB/DI
Swindon Wyvern Theatre  03.11.2001      Sat     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Leeds   Irish Centre    06.11.2001      Tue     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Nottingham      Rock City       07.11.2001      Wed     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Birmingham      Sanctuary       08.11.2001      Thu     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Manchester      University      10.11.2001      Sat     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Liverpool       Royal Court     11.11.2001      Sun     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Glasgow Garage  12.11.2001      Mon     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Edinburgh       Liquid Room     13.11.2001      Tue     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Newcastle       Opera House     14.11.2001      Sun     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Cardif  Coal Exchange   16.11.2001      Fri     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Hitchin Town Hall       17.11.2001      Sat     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN
Poole   Arts Centre     18.11.2001      Sun     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN
Salisbury       City Hall       19.11.2001      Mon     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN
Torquay Princess Hall   20.11.2001      Tue     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN/HG
Brighton        Concorde 2      21.11.2001      Wed     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Walthamstow     Assembly Hall   24.11.2001      Sat     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/RZ
Dublin  Ambassador      26.11.2001      Mon     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
London  Forum   20.12.2001      Thu     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/BL/TH/RZ
Hastings        Pier Pavillon   18.07.2002      Thu     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/BL/TH
Seaton  Summer Camp     20.07.2002      Sat     BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/BL/TH/KN/HG/RZ
London  Wembley Arena   19.10.2002      Sat     BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW/LE
Newcastle       Opera House     04.12.2002      Wed     BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Hanley  Victoria Hall   05.12.2002      Thu     BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Manchester      Academy 06.12.2002      Fri     BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Liverpool       Lomax   08.12.2002      Sun     BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Leeds   Irish Centre    09.12.2002      Mon     BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Northamton      Roadmenders     10.12.2002      Tue     BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Brighton        Concorde 2      12.12.2002      Thu     BR/CH/DA/BL/BW
Walthamstow     Assembly Hall   13.12.2002      Fri     BR/CH/DA/BL/BW

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