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Fri Apr 18 03:24:04 EDT 2003

Hi Al,

Thanks for the warning, but fortunately, even we charity workers get Good
Friday / My Mum's birthday off!




(Plenty of water drunk!!!)  :-)

> On Thursday, April 17, 2003, at 11:08 PM, Richard Lockwood wrote:
> > (Did you have any hand in writing it?)  (Can't be bothered to go and
> > look
> > I'm afraid - I need to go to bed!)
> That was an Aldo Nova song w/ help from some BOC folks. I wasn't around
> for the delivery so I can't be sure who wrote what but I know Aldo had
> something to do with it. Who'd have thunk he'd be writing for Celine
> Dion now? Yes, isn't it quite late over there now? Do you have to get
> up for work today too? Well, go to bed but don't forget to drink plenty
> of water to avoid that hangover.
> Al

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