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Fri Apr 18 16:45:45 EDT 2003

On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, M Holmes wrote:

> So any guesses at how "It's all a fable for fountains now" fits in with
> Kitchener and WWI? Or did I mishear the lyric?

        That's certainly how I've always heard it, and I had from some
strange part of the past the idea that it relates to Fountains Abbey at
Studley Royal in Yorkshire (<http://www.fountainsabbey.org.uk>). But I
can't remember why I think this at all. So I googled for "fable for
fountains" and discovered somewhat to my surprise that this is apparently
the title of a 6-minute short film by Joseph Cornell and Rudy Burckhardt
from 1954-1957, apparently a sort of views-of-Brooklyn black-and-white
piece which is usally grouped with two others by them, Under Brooklyn
Bridge from 1953 and Aviary from 1955. I didn't know this and the
information frankly leaves me none the wiser, but in case it strikes
chords with anyone else I post it anyway....

        Info from: <www.hi-beam.net/org/whitney/part1.html>. Yours,
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"I recognise that I have transgressed many of the precepts of the divine
law, and that I am subjected by various vices and iniquities, disobedient
to the words of the divine mystery brought unto me and a worshipper of the
delights of this military age." Marquis Borrell of Barcelona, 955 A.D.

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