++++ HW: Covers All Final Call/ Studio album

Tom Byrne t.byrne at NTLWORLD.COM
Sun Apr 20 06:10:33 EDT 2003

I have to say I have no complaints with Hawkwind's activity over the last
few years.

I believe Kris and the band and its management have been extremely
energetic. Very high quality tours, the very successful Hawkfest and two
double live albums (Yule Ritual and Canterbury) of very high standard.

I know that this is underpinned by a genuine passion to offer their best to
their fans.

I must say that I also find their web page very useful, and have found Rik
more than open to any comments or constructive criticism.

And as Kris points out, I cannot see how she or the others associated with
Hawkwind could be more open to feedback.



> Date:    Wed, 16 Apr 2003 19:19:51 -0400
> From:    Hawkperson <boclist at HWIND.GLOBALNET.CO.UK>
> Subject: Re: ++++ HW: Covers All Final Call/ Studio album
> Wow Jon!
> Why do you seem to dislike us so much?
> If you are a fan why are you pulling us to pieces, we work so hard and try
> to consider everyones feelings and points of view......maybe you should
> stop and give a little thought to ours.
> The band have been working really hard on this album, whether you believe
> it or not. You try being creative in the face of adversity. Its far easier
> to critcise.
> Why do you say that we fired Douglas? We did not, he is currently enjoying
> retirement at his villa in Spain. Yes things change, its sad but it is
> life.
> I just don't understand why you feel the need to attack us, you either
> what we are doing and buy our records or you do not.
> Why on earth would Dave pay anyone to praise his music? That is such a
> discourteous thing to say that it verges on rudeness.
> Also do you think that you know something about the legal proceedings that
> we do not? All I can say is try walking a mile in the other man's shoes
> perhaps you will gain a grater understanding of the other man's feelings.
> I feel so sad that I have to write a message like this when there are so
> many more positive things I could be putting my energy into......but hey
> maybe that's the problem?
> The new album is sounding great by the way.
> Kris
> (waiting to be attacked by Jon, but feeling that she had to say something)
> ------------------------------

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