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Jon Jarrett jjarrett at CHIARK.GREENEND.ORG.UK
Sat Apr 26 12:32:27 EDT 2003

On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Nick Lee wrote:


> >         There was that "Whirlwind" gig in December too, Chadwick,
> > Richards, Tree, Wishart, Taylor. I really did think Brock was going to let
> > the young things carry in without him after that.
> Plus Steve Bemand

        Really? Bother, missed that... Got it now though.

> Alan's return was at Hawkestra (unless you count the Hawk conventio gig at
> Stourbridge with Nik, Harvey, Judge Trev & Danny).  Dumpy guested at the
> Derby Rock & Blues in '99 (his birthday) and also at the re-located Rock &
> Blues at Donington in '01, post-Hawkestra.

        Right, I think what happened there is I somehow got Hawkestra and
Donington in the wrong order. Thanks for the help here...

On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Captain Bl at ck wrote:
> Just to set the record (ahem!) straight...
> I played at St.Austell as did Nik - no Simon House there.

        Okay, got that now.

> >         Also Paul Hayles, allegedly, somewhere.
> Er...no Paul Hayles. And Mick Slattery did not play.

        Am now confused, but your word is better than mine on this, so
Hayles removed.

> > Canterbury 2001: Chadwick-Brock-House-Kniveton-Lloyd Langton-Davey and
> > Arthur Brown, someone in the crowd told me they'd heard from Keith
> > Kniveton that Messrs Tree and Richards had been expected but not turned
> > up, and that was the last we saw of them...
> Actually that's not true. What I said privately to one fan (who shall remain
> nameless) was that they wouldn't be there. There was never any suggestion
> from me that they were expected.

        Either I remembered it worng or it was reported to me wrongly,
then, sorry to have put words into your mouth.

> > Hawkwind now down to a core five-piece, Chadwick-Brock-House-Lloyd
> > Langton-Davey but tour that winter adds Kniveton at two gigs and Huggett
> > at one of them and Christmas Party adds Danny Thompson, Tim Blake and
> > Captain Rizz, night where it became obvious that Brock-Blake-Chadwick
> > should immediately start releasing techno records
> Again not strictly true - I did 4 gigs on that tour.

        Right, I think that's just a wrong impressuion I got from the way
the file is laid out, as it only intends to record line-up changes not
individual gigs. Thanks for the corrections.

> No malice intended from me, Jon. It didn't go unnoticed you were playing
> Starfield during a previous mail...

        This does indeed happen every now and then. Come to that, where's
*your* new album eh? :-)

        If anyone's interested, by the way, have done some digging on
those things I listed as forthcoming where I can: the version of `Nothing
Else Matters' for a Metallica tribute album by Jon Oliva, Bob Balch, Lemmy
and Greg Bissonnette is now out, has been since 2000 indeed and the actual
disc is called _Metallic Attack: a tribute to Metallica_. For people that
like to play the comnections game it's manna from heaven, as many of the
musicians work on several tracks with different people, so you can trace
tortuous links through the individual tracks and other albums by the
same people from Motorhead to, for example, Slayer, Metal Church, Frank
Zappa, Anthrax, Danzing, Van Halen, Testament and Blue Oyster Cult
(because Eric sings on one song with Al Pitrelli also appearing on

        As for the others, the track I had listed as `Shout It Out Loud'
by Lemmy, Vivian Campbell and Eric Singer transpires to be a cover of the
KISS song, and will be appearing on the _Ash Wednesday OST_ later this
year; and Luther Grosvenor's new album with Huw on it seems to have
dropped off the map, as indeed has the man's own website (Luther's not
Huw's) but I learn that you can now get the two Widowmaker albums with Huw
on in a 2CD package called _Straight Faced Fighters_ should you really
want to... No news on the Dark Sun, DanMingo or Little Wing efforts. Yours,


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