THE ONE EYED BISHOPS release new CD '@ The School of Rock-n-Roll'

Burro Mike sloterdijk at MSN.COM
Mon Jun 9 17:50:53 EDT 2003

The long awaited release date of the new One Eyed Bishops CD has finally
We are pleased to offer ' @ The School of Rock-n-Roll'.
Twelve studio cuts, and recitations recorded at 'The School of Rock-n-Roll,
South London, January 2003.

This CD continues the OEBs journey through skiffle, blues & R&B.

Personnel include: Mike Burro, Jay Adcock, Phil Smith, ( Headsmith, Tea w/
Don Craine & Keith Grant ( Downliners Sect), Terry Clemson ( The TT's,
formerly with The Downliners Sect), The great Chas Mcdevitt ( skiffle
legend), Bill Kingston ( The Wild Angels),  Paul 'prof' Mcdowell (  The
Famous Potoatoes), & Mick Farren ( The Deviants)

Track listing:

Lost Lands ( Craine)
Muleskinner Blues ( Rogers, Vaughn)
Tom Dooley ( trad. arr by Mcdevitt)
Shorty George ( H. Leadbetter)
The Red Rooster ( C. Burnett)
The Things Beneath ( Grant Evans)
London Rocker ( D. 'Lord' Sutch)
Hymie The Winey ( Burro)
Smokestack Lightning ( C. Burnett)
Sloop John B ( trad. arr by Burro/Adcock)
The Pressure Lester ( Farren)

Produced by Mike Burro for The Night-Owl Music 2003
Post production, recording and engineering: Terry Clemson

Price: $4.30 USD
postage: $3.00 within The United States
Canada: $3.50
United Kingdon, Continental Europe: $3.75 USD

Available through PAYPAL via
recipient e-mail address: Sloterdijk at

URLs of interest:

The One Eyed Bishops:
The School of Rock-n-Roll:
Chas Mcdevitt:
The Downliners Sect:
Mick Farren:
The Famous Potatoes:
Headsmith/Tea With Granny:

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