HW: Getting to hawkfest

Dave Law dplaw at IC24.NET
Tue Jun 24 11:50:57 EDT 2003

Don't know if this is of any interest to those attending hawkfest, but low
cost airline Ryanair are starting a service between london stansted and
blackpool, which although still a fair way from the site is the nearest
airport that offers scheduled services.
until the 26th june, so only a couple of days (although i have noticed
some of these offers do get "extended") the airline is offering a discount
of £25  on a return flight which means that including taxes you can do the
round trip for between £45 - £55 per person depending on what flights you
for further details visit the airlines web site at www.ryanair.com
(in case your wondering i do not work for Ryanair, but i am using the
service as i have to miss saturdays festivities to attend a wedding in
essex and this is the only way i could combine the 2!)

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