HW: Hawkwind @ Hawkon

Dave Law dplaw at IC24.NET
Wed Jun 25 09:41:01 EDT 2003

i know i've made a lot of posts recently, but this is a must (unless you
belong to the yahoo group, then you've probably read it already)
thought the group might be interested in some new pictures that I've just
posted at the hawkwind museum. they were all taken at the 1985
convention "Hawkon" and to the best of my knowledge are world exclusives
and are certainly not available elsewhere on the net, take a look at -
if nothing else it's worth it for the shot of Alan IMHO, i couldn't decide
whether to use it on this page or our "Hawk Fashion" page. if you like
these come back to the site in the next day or so as we have a load more
to add, including other band members and associates as well as shots of
the "jam" session that finished off proceedings, all of a very high
if anybody was there and has any memories to add then feel free to e-mail
me at dplaw at ic24.net and we'll try to add them in where appropriate

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