OFF: Decent priced shops in UK for DVDs & CDs??

Nick Lee nick.lee2 at VIRGIN.NET
Tue Oct 7 13:40:37 EDT 2003

In London, Berwick Street (off Oxford St, roughly opposite HMV on the
left if you're facing towards Marble Arch) has a few good shops.
Theres Selectadisc which has a very good range of HW and related plus
other psych & space rock at good prices.
Also, there's Mr CD and CD King (or similar) which are both tiny pile
'em high sell 'em cheap places full of what one imagines is largely
remaindered stock but also with new releases as well, difficult to find
stuff in these but you can come across some gems from time to time.
Reckless Records have a couple of shops selling new and second hand
stuff, including vynil.
There's also a few dance oriented music shops as well.
Oxford Street, of course, has the obligatory HMV & Virgin both having
very large stores.


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