BRAIN: Update on French leg of tour

Brian Halligan blackblade at BHALLIGAN.COM
Mon Oct 13 16:23:21 EDT 2003

Mike Burro wrote:

>> Just a final reminder about The Brain Surgeons & The One Eyed Bishops in
>> Atlantic City, New Jersey, Friday October 17th!!!

Also, has been updated with some info on the French
leg of the Surgeon's tour. Was anyone from the list at these shows? If so,
would you care to give a report?

> Who would have dreamed the Brain Surgeons would flaunt their physiques at the
> Moulin Rouge? The club La Locomotive is underneath that famous venue and
> provided a quick opportunity for tBS to shake their tail feathers. It was the
> second show of the tour. The first night was was a longer and more intimate
> surprise show at House of Live just off the Champs de Elisse. The band adding
> a couple suprise shows to their already busy schedule. It has been whirlwind
> of travel, interviews, autographs and jamming in every area of France. The
> venues have been large and the many fans enthusiastic. Our traveling
> companions and fellow countrymen, American Dog, have provided many laughs and
> good times. The food has been uniformly great and most everyone we've come
> into contact with have been polite, friendly and accomodating. We have some
> more shows to play and a more complete report will follow.


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