Hawkwind dreams

Michael Blackman michael_1968 at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Tue Oct 14 19:36:26 EDT 2003

First Hawkwind dream occured just b4 I flew over for Hawkestra.  I dreamed
that I was there and that Robert Calvert was a hologram projection - singing
and everything with the band.

I also have frequent Hawkwind concert dreams and have had a few "in the
studio" with the band dreams.

The latest dream was strapping into an old Apollo style rocket and the
blasting off into space with Harvey Bainbridge speaking from mission
controll describing all the things we would experience during lift off and
as we got closer to space.  Zero g was amazing....... Was just like being
there i guess...

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From: "M Holmes" <fofp at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK>
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Subject: Hawkwind dreams

> Does anyone else get these? I get a few where I can remember the
> setlist.
> Lately I've even had my first Hawkwind nightmares.  In one I was
> chatting to Dave and he was explaining as how he'd joined this other
> band.  Last night I was at some sort of fan display outside a Hawkwind
> gig and Nick Lee kept pointing out all these rare Hawkwind items I
> didn't have and had never heard of, such as the extremely rare 1970's
> "Velocity" single.
> Weird.
> FoFP

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