HW: Exeter 25th October

dhuggins dhuggins at HYPERNOVA.NET
Sun Oct 26 12:11:43 EST 2003

Wow, excellent gig report.  Us on the other side of the pond are jealous
but quite appreciative of seeing it through other's eyes.

Excuse my towering ignorance, but who is Keith B.?


At 04:50 PM 10/26/03 +0000, you wrote:
>Arrive at the venue around six-ish for me & Stu to hook up with Alan
>Linsley & Nick Lee and then off to Pizza Express for some food & chat
>pre-gig. I'm reminded yet again what a small world it is when it turns out
>Nick and myself know quite a few of the same crowd of late 80s, early 90s
>Doctor Who fandom, and indeed both of us used to frequent the Fitzroy
>Tavern in London on the first Thursday of each month when it was almost
>taken over by Who fans....
>Back at the venue the sold out boards are up, though of course it is a
>very small venue (450 standing?) and its pretty darn busy. Get to say
>"hello" to Julie and have a quick chat, and spot Jill from a distance (but
>just like Bristol in May don't actually manage to get to say Hi) but other
>than that its sparse on list members it seems.
>In the packed concert hall, Hawkwind are the Dave Brock trio plus the two
>Keiths. Light show is fantastic, huge backdrop for projecting against
>(very nice sequence that has something in common with the late Pertwee/Tom
>Baker Dr Who opening titles). Lots of psychedelic colours but not much of
>the alien planetscapes and star systems this time around.
>Set List, IIRC and in no order:
>Arrival in Utopia
>Master of the Universe
>Angela Android
>The Right Stuff
>Green Finned Demon
>Jam sequence with the Keiths & Dave but minus Alan & Richard (In the Trees?)
>The Watcher
>Brainbox Pollution
>Hurry on Sundown
>Assault & Battery
>Golden Void
>Where Are they Now?
>Spirit of the Age
>Assassins of Allah
>Suitably for the hot and sweaty environment, Hawkwind are in power mode -
>thundering through the set with Alan & Richard very heavy in the mix
>(Richard particularly seemed to be putting everything in and working
>overtime - a terrific performance). Sound was very good, I thought, and
>served Keith K particularly well - though I struggled to figure where I
>was hearing Keith B and where it was Dave.
>I thought the style of the set was really effective for the venue, though
>I missed the ebb and flow of the Spring dates and felt Simon was a bit
>missed. However, Wings was the only number that I thought didn't really
>work - but then I didn't think it worked as a Bedouin number either and
>the style its played in by HW is now much more akin to Bedouin than to
>Space Bandits era HW.
>Yeah, good stuff indeed. Really friendly crowd - though the management
>were very keen to evict people after last orders. The most intimate HW gig
>I've seen and I enjoyed for that and for the passion the guys on stage
>seemed to have for it on the night.
>Oh, if this is to be a regular line-up, the Keiths need to grow their
>hair.  ;-)

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