Complete 79 sound quality

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I will inject this comment however.

I too had the same reaction as you Craig, but in the time I have owned it,
and I got it right when it came out, it really has grown on me so that now
it is one of my favorite live CD's from the band.

Just my deux euros on this thread

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Sorry if this is an old subject, but I got the COMPLETE ’79 CD set last
and, at first listen, the sound quality seems much worse than the old single
LIVE IN ’79 (initial thought is that there is a lot of tape mis-tracking and
that the sound is not as clean). Must admit that the initial listen was done
a boom-box (but it is a high-quality boom-box, bi-amped speakers ‘n all). I
haven’t done an A-B comparison yet, but my recollection was that Li79 was
one of
the best sounding live recordings. Does anyone have any insight about this?
are my ears just fulla crap? SYMBOL 74 \f "Wingdings" \s 10


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