Exeter 25th October

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I always find in these "smaller" venues you're better off near the front. It
took alot of persuading to get Andrea up there as she gets panicky
normally,( I mean at OTHER gigs) but at Hawkwind, everyone seems to respect
each others space. The novices seem to gravitate towards the back! I felt
very out of place? People obviously didn't have much idea about what they
were about to see.... I'm glad (VERY) that I moved to stage left??

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>The new material is there, it is just not allowed out to play yet:).
>It was a bit of an odd gig; the promoters (Future Sound of Exeter) put on
>regular events at the Phoenix and try to get an eclectic (and full)
>I also thought that the guitarist in the bar band was very good, although I
>thought that Dbkaos was the guy in the hall before Hawkwind went on; the
>band in the bar were (I think) Sembalance with the Iconoclast.  The food at
>the Phoenix was worthy of mention as was the lovely, lovely (and virtually
>unique) mixing desk; it was just such a pity that they kept such a careful
>eye on the latter after the gig:(.  Now that I would not have minded
>and pushing to the van!
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> > > There ought to be a page at Mission Control just for the roadies and
> > all
> > > those fine individuals who work so hard behind the scenes to make the
> > gigs
> > > happen.
> > >
> >
> > Yeah - there definitely should.    I must confess to a twinge of guilt
> > sometimes when I leave a venue and look back at the stage - empty of
> > people but piled high with equipment - knowing that some poor folks have
> > still got to dismantle all that lot and pack it away before the evening
> > is really over.
> >
> > Anyhow I finally introduced my sister and her family to a Hawkwind gig -
> > Hawkwind People here are my relatives - Relatives this is Hawkwind.
> > Thankfully it seemed to go ok - no Damascenian conversions sadly - the
> > neices have been too brought up on mainstream I'm afraid but the eldest
> > has learned how to get work at Glastonbury (thank you Merrick!) so her
> > horizons might broaden a bit and everyone seemed to enjoy the
> > experience.
> >
> > A strange mixture of a gig though - there was a DJ in the main hall
> > right up until Hawkwind played, with a very trippy visual show but not
> > much else by way of inspiration.   The support band (who
> > were.........?dbChaos) set up in a tiny cramped corner of a smallish bar
> > space and the lead guy played (to my ear) some fairly decent guitar.
> > But it was very very packed and everyone was standing on everyone else
> > so there wasn't much room to hang around and socialise never mind relax
> > and listen.    Everyone managed to squeeze into the main hall -
> > just -but there was no way I was ever going to see much of the stage so
> > it was a question of watching the lights (which were flashy and dramatic
> > but clearly not the Chaos Lightshow - it was a real shame about their
> > computer failure) and listening to the sound - which was good and
> > powerful without being excessively loud - very well balanced.    I found
> > it difficult to separate out the different guitars (but then I don't
> > have the ear of experience)  but thought that overall it had a nice
> > depth and surroundsound feel to it and certainly everyone around me was
> > having a wonderful time!
> >
> > I'm (selfishly) glad there wasn't much new material but I confess I was
> > expecting more - in fact I was expecting a lot more!    Where has it
> > gone then??
> >
> > Anyhow - hi to everyone I met - everyone I recognised and didn't know
> > the name of, everyone I would have known the name of but didn't
> > recognise and everyone for whom I managed to get both right.
> >
> > Ah dear - signs of senility.........
> > jill
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