Exeter 25th October

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Never had a problem at all.  Being right at the front is the best place of
all at a giig

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> On Fri, 31 Oct 2003, alan day wrote:
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> :I always find in these "smaller" venues you're better off near the front.
> :took alot of persuading to get Andrea up there as she gets panicky
> :normally,( I mean at OTHER gigs) but at Hawkwind, everyone seems to
> :each others space. The novices seem to gravitate towards the back! I felt
> :very out of place? People obviously didn't have much idea about what they
> :were about to see.... I'm glad (VERY) that I moved to stage left??
> :Wonderful!!Al.
> :
> Hrm.  I beg to differ (re: "everyone seems to respect each others
> space.")  I used to go up to the front all the time, but
> there has always been some level of personal discomfort up there (where
> "personal discomfort" = my state when people start dancing vigorously into
> me, or people do the "wave the arms" thing and end up smacking me, or even
> when people just trod on me because they have completely lost their sense
> of space.)
> At a Liverpool gig I got punched when I was up at the front, and after
> that, I've tried to avoid the absolute front, unless I have a buffer of
> other folks I know and like around me.
> Nowadays, I try to gravitate to any place where I can see (being somewhat
> short) or failing that, anyplace where the sound is good.  In many
> circumstances, this happens to be floating near whomever is doing the
> sound.
> Arin
> (who has been somewhat quiet of late.  sorry!)
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