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Anyone interested in the (bad) effects of LSD need look no further than
Fleetwood Mac:

Peter Green: Wanted to give all the money away.
Jeremy Spencer: Joined the Children of God, and is still with them today.
Danny Kirwan: Became, and tragically still is, a down and out.

Strange they (and Barrett) were all guitar players.

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> I know people who took LSD regularly and seem to have survived with
> relatively untwisted personalities. I suspect Syd Barrett was always a bit
> strange. Maybe the LSD pushed him off the edge and maybe he would have
> fallen off anyway.
> I was a major Pink Floyd fan in my youth, long before I got into Hawkwind.
> I've seen all the Floyd films including marginals like Zabriskie Point,
> my recollection is that they were all mostly rubbish. Very few soundtracks
> of films really work as albums. The Virgin Suicides is one exception that
> stands out, though the Air album isn't really a soundtrack album in the
> sense that More and Obscured by Clouds are.
> JR
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> > but I suppose the irony is what
> > happened to Syd Barrett stemmed mainly from LSD.  (Unless that's myth.)
> Weirdly I know someone who bumped into him in the wilds and spent some
> time in his company (as a retired rock star - they only figured out who
> after the holiday). Seems it's no rumour. It really didn't do the guy
> any good. Something lije 3% of the population are prone to schizophrenia
> and a bad LSD experience is one of the things that can set it off.
> As with other things, best know what youre doing before playing with it.
> FoFP

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