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On Tue, 29 Jun 2004 19:31:24 +0200, Henderson Keith
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>I've seen quite a few good concerts in the last several weeks, and am
>looking forward big time to another Burg Herzberg event, this time with
>maximal space rock percentage, with Hawkwind, MQB, Guru Guru, et al.  And
>the weather in central Europe so far this summer has been really
>that is, if you prefer a bit cooler temperatures as opposed to last year's
>oppressive heat (such that the grass died and the dirt went airborne into
>It took me a long time to realize that Herzberg is *not* at Wilhelmsthal
>this year ...
>The confusion I've had (I guess) is related to the fact that 1) Burg
>Herzberg is under 'new management' this year (otherwise it would have died
>after last year), but 2) the old crew (Think Progressive, under Kalle
>Becker) seems to still be planning to have a festival at the Wilhelmsthal
>site the weekend *after* the "true" Herzberg, but called something like
>"Herzberg goes Wilhelmstal" (which is really the renamed (Kloster)
>Cornberg Festival, which was held just once (in 2001?), and then
>cancelled both in 2002 and 2003, when Kalle was trying to run both
>simultaneously).  He's got a great lineup for that one planned, including
>Tull, Amon Duul II, Outskirts Of Infinity, Bevis Frond, On Trial, and
>others.  But I hesitate to make
>serious plans for it, because of recent history.  So I might make a 'game
>time' decision about staying in central Germany over the four days in
>between the two fests, based on what I hear at Herzberg.
>Well, hope to see a few of you there...I know some folx are planning to
>it.  (Doug P.?  Is it going to happen for you?  Schade, wenn nicht.)  The
>Finland one might have been fun though, with Dave W. and Lemmy both
>guesting.  Any idea what the "complete" lineup at Herzberg will be?

Unfortunately, I won't be there (but at least I have something very
interesting to do on July 17th).  The confusion over the two festivals
didn't help, especially since the second one (weekend of July 24th) has a
far stronger lineup (well, maybe not Jethro Tull for me) than the first
(except, of course, Hawkwind) IMHO.

Speaking of Bevis Frond, there is apparently a brand new Adrian Shaw solo
album out on Woronzow.  I haven't heard it yet.

>So, lately I've seen...
>Circle...the next night I went down to a small town near Fribourg to
>see the first night of a three day 'punk/alternative rock' festival ...
> ... The so-called headliner were
>the Distillers (who I'd never heard of), who seemed to me to be
>Australia's answer to Hole.  They drew almost all the 800-1000 people
>into the tent for a spell, but I don't think the fans were so crazy
>about them.  Rather ordinary IMHO.

I saw 'em opening for Queens of the Stoneage a while back (the singer
is/was involved with either Josh or Nick).  She has a powerful voice (much
better than Courtney Love's), and their drummer was really good.  Those
are the only two nice things I have to say about the band; "ordinary" is a
perfectly fine description (I had to be reminded that I had actually seen

>But a few other things...has anybody caught
>these guys (also from Sweden) in the US yet?  I've heard their first album
>from 35 years ago, but not their reunion stuff.  They have a few more
>dates before they go home, so here they are...
>Trad, Gras och Stenar...
>29/6 Neumo's, Seattle, with Kinski among others
>1/7 Talking Head, Baltimore with Mighty Flashlight, Big Huge, Entrance
>2/7 Tonic, New York, with Bardo Pond and Mighty Flashlight
>3/7 TT the Bear, Boston, with Sunburned Hand of the Man and Major Stars

Yeah, I saw them both times they played in SF.  A really, really excellent
band!  I've been listening to the reissues of their original albums (and
related bands Parson Sound & Harvester / International Harvester) a lot
recently.  highly recommended to the Baltimore/NYC/Boston folks if you get
this message in time ...

     jasret at mindspring.com

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