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Guitar speak is never geek speak, man.  Well  not to me anyway!

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> Hi Doug, thanks for the plug :-)
> Dave's guitar from 71-75 looked from a distance like a Les Paul but was a
> Dick Knight Custom.  The one Huw often played in 79-80 (and it came out
> again at Blackheath 1997) was a white Les Paul Custom.  As this guitar of
> Huw's has aged it has acquired a more yellowish sheen, much like the one
> the photos of Dave at UEA Norwich / Swedenrock.  So, I was wondering if it
> *is* Huw's Les Paul.
> Hawkwind's music has always seemed to me to demand more "Gibsonish" guitar
> tones than Fender-like ones...Dave's Westone being halfway between the two
> as it's a guitar in the broader Strat tradition, but he uses the humbucker
> pickup on it.
> Geek speak over.
> Steve
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> >>
> >>It just looks right somehow seeing Dave with a Les Paul - anyone know
> >>how long it is since he last used one on stage and how he came to be
> >>using one at Sweden? Was it a one off?
> >
> >I don't think that Dave has *ever* used a Les Paul (unless he borrowed
> >in Sweden recently) ... his Space Ritual-era guitar that looks like one
> >a custom job.
> >
> >Much useful info about his guitars here:
> >http://www.starfarer.net/gtrstuff.html
> >
> >(Huw, on the other hand, seems to always be playing a Les Paul.  In two-
> >guitar bands, I definitely prefer to see/hear the guitarists using
> >different - hopefully very different - models.  One excellent example is
> >the Dictators, with Top Ten playing roots-rock style on a Fender, and
> >The Boss playing metal-ish lead & crunch on a 'Paul.)
> >
> >    -Doug
> >     jasret at mindspring.com

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