Guitars (more Geek Speak)

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Yeah that black guitar on out of the shadows is not a Les Paul.  Sounds hot

Brand names should not be included in the first 3 reasons for choosing a
guitar if one knows what to look for and listen for in a good guitar.

cheap washburn guitars are ok to be smashed as well as squires.  awful
guitars both(the cheapo ones).  and I hate cheap junk Ibanez guitars as well
but I've heard some nice Ibanez models.

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> The "Les Paul" that I've seen Huw toting with Hawkwind in recent years is
actually a Guild Bluesbird - can't 'member if it was the one with P90s or
the humbucker version.  Definitely a very nice guitar either way, and as
"good" as a Les Paul (for want of a better way of putting it).  All power to
Dave & Huw for not going with the standard stuff.  Me, I have a thing for
Washburns & DeArmonds.
> If anybody wants a Westone, they've currently got one in the London Bass
Centre right now, and in Andy's on Denmark St. they've got an earlier
version of the Ibanez/Roland thing with active cicuits & synth-pickup.
> The latest version of the Roland guitar synth/hexaphonic pickup is
ludicrously cheap (about £360 for both, or £99 just for the midi pickup ),
so you could get the Westone and kit it out....
> Cheers
> ChrisW
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> > In a message dated 7/2/2004 6:59:44 PM US Eastern Standard
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> > seems to always be playing a Les Paul Huw also played an
> > ES-137, I think. Like on the 'Black Sword' video.
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> > It looks like an LP, but is bigger, is a hollow body with two f-holes.
> >
> > Joe

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