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Henderson Keith keith.henderson at PSI.CH
Mon Jul 5 10:10:53 EDT 2004

Doug replied (below)...

>It took me a long time to realize that Herzberg is *not* at Wilhelmsthal
>this year ...
>The confusion I've had (I guess) is related to the fact that 1) Burg
>Herzberg is under 'new management' this year (otherwise it would have died
>after last year), but 2) the old crew (Think Progressive, under Kalle
>Becker) seems to still be planning to have a festival at the Wilhelmsthal
>site the weekend *after* the "true" Herzberg, but called something like
>"Herzberg goes Wilhelmstal" (which is really the renamed (Kloster)
>Cornberg Festival, which was held just once (in 2001?), and then
>cancelled both in 2002 and 2003, when Kalle was trying to run both
>simultaneously).  He's got a great lineup for that one planned, including
>Tull, Amon Duul II, Outskirts Of Infinity, Bevis Frond, On Trial, and
>others.  But I hesitate to make serious plans for it, because of recent
>history.  So I might make a 'game time' decision about staying in central
>Germany over the four days in between the two fests, based on what I hear
>at Herzberg.
>The confusion over the two festivals didn't help, especially since the
>second one (weekend of July 24th) has a far stronger lineup (well,
>maybe not Jethro Tull for me) than the first (except, of course, Hawkwind)

Soooooo...today I went to www.thinkprogressive.de and found a 'dead' site,
with only the nebulous warning of "Houston, we have a problem."

Whether that was technical or something to deal with the Wilhelmsthal (non-
Hawkwind) festival, I couldn't tell.  So I went to see the forum at
www.hippies-united.de to find out what's going on, and from that (trying
my best to make sense out of all the German posts, without spending too
much time with my nose in my dictionary), I learned that Kalle's festival
either definitely *is* going to happen, or definitely *not*.  Or perhaps
somewhere in between. :)  So I was right to be a bit skeptical, but the
final story has yet to be told, I guess.  Perhaps someone (Bernhard?) could
have a brief look at the posts there (Forum link is down on the left side
of the main page, and then go into the thread for the Wilhelmsthal fest)
and let me/us know what's the likely outcome.  I guess it has something to
do with obtaining the permit from the local government.

So, at the moment, I'm only going to be intending to come for the first
weekend.  I'll probably arrive late Friday afternoon...will anybody (that
is due to arrive earlier) be there with a flag of any kind that will be

Well, anyway, if there's only going to be the one weekend this year (again),
I think I'll plan to go to Budapest for the Sziget festival (www.sziget.hu)
in early August, where Ole Lukkoye, the Gathering, Amorphis, Uzgin Uver,
Korai Orom, Colorstar, and Masfel will all play.

See ya' soon...Grakkl (FAA)

P.S.  I distinctly remember Brock playing a whitish-colored Les Paul-like
guitar during soundchecks on one of the US tours (either '91 or '95?).
Perhaps it was even the one from the '70s shown in those photos Doug
linked to....does anyone know if he still owns it?  If so, that was likely
what he was playing last week.  It seemed that he was using it as his
backup guitar in case of a broken string mid-song.  He never played it
during a gig that I saw...only briefly during soundchecks.

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