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Henderson Keith keith.henderson at PSI.CH
Wed Jul 7 06:56:40 EDT 2004

Bernhard answered...

>>Perhaps someone (Bernhard?) could have a brief look at the
>>posts there (Forum link is down on the left side of the main
>>page, and then go into the thread for the Wilhelmsthal
>>fest) and let me/us know what's the likely outcome.  I guess
>>it has something to do with obtaining the permit from
>>the local government.

>Well, all the postings seem to be very primitive
>Not easy to understand what the folks are trying to say

Ah, that makes me feel better!  :)  Thanks for checking!

>All I could understand is that there will be another Festival
>(without hawkwind)
>They had some problems to get the right area but now they got it

Yeah, OK, they've posted more information about it, and now have
shown where it will be held.  It will happen at the KOSMOS Gelande
site in the small town of Mohra, which is in fact just a few km
south of the Eckardtshausen/Wilhelmsthal site from last year's
Herzberg event.  So going through Eisenach (or perhaps Bad Salzungen)
is the way to go still.

I think the thinkprogressive.de site is also supposed to come back
to life again very shortly with the new information made official.

So, as I would very much like to see Amon Duul II again, as well as
the Frond, and especially Bari Watts' band (Outskirts of Infinity),
I think I will (in the end) intend to hang out in the area in order
to attend both fests.  It means a full week of vacation, but here
vacation days are not so 'precious' as in the US...amazingly, people
here are *supposed* to find time to relax and enjoy time off.  Crazy

>The festival WITH Hawkwind will be near Breitenbach
>Here is the link:

Yep...nice bus connection from Bad Hersfeld straight to the town
of Breitenbach...should be easy.

You can find here a decription how to go to the festival

Grakkl (FAA)

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