BOC: Remasters??

John Swartz jswartz at MITRE.ORG
Wed Jul 7 10:10:35 EDT 2004

>>> On Jul 6, 2004, at 6:33 PM, JLoehr4299 at AOL.COM wrote:
>>>> Are the live albums included, or is it just the studio ones?
>>>> And is 'Imaginos' also included? That would be way too heavily
>>>> massively cool!
>>> The original plan was to do them all with the possible exception of
>>> Imaginos. :-( That's what I've been told. CN before Imaginos?
>>> Blasphemy!
>>> Al

Given the treatment this album has gotten over the years in terms of
both availability and songs (or lack thereof) appearing on compilations,
I get the impression that the record company is afraid to touch
Imaginos.  I know there were legal wranglings after its release, and
while I don't want to necessarily dredge up old battles, I wonder if
might have something to do with it?


PS:  Interesting to hear that the band lost 18 months of royalties while
the record label recouped the costs of remastering - just another
example of how unscrupulous they are, having the bands foot the costs.

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