OFF: Aural Innovations Radio: New Atomic Bongload, Alchemical Radio, and Drool Trough shows

Jerry Kranitz jkranitz at AURAL-INNOVATIONS.COM
Sat Jul 10 19:49:09 EDT 2004

Announcements (June 27, 2004):We've just uploaded new shows from The Atomic
Bongload (show #6), Alchemical Radio (show #62), and Drool Trough (show
#13). See the playlists below.

You can go directly to the Radio shows page at:

The Atomic Bongload (show #6)

The Atomic Bongload was created to give an audio spotlight to the Stoner
Rock and general HEAVY music we review at Aural Innovations.

Church of Misery - "Red Ripper Blues" (from The Second Coming)
Greenmachine - "Fire Never Ends" (from The Archives of Rotten Blues)
Planet 0 - "A Rain Of Cold Blood Part 1" (from A Ragged Silhouette Against
The Clouds)
Gravitron - "The Black Wing Interceptors" (from Black Wing E.P.)
Birdwing - "Let Them Know" (from Black Wing E.P.)
Dirty Bird - "Brains" (from Black Wing E.P.)
Amps II Eleven - "Waste Of A Pretty Face" (from Amps II Eleven)
Low Ton - "Mouse" (from Dead Words)
Lord Sterling - "Poison Lips" (from Today's Song For Tomorrow)
Highlight - "In My Head" (from Demo 2004)
WE - "1971" (from Dinosauric Futurobic)

Alchemical Radio (show #62: Non-Stop Jukebox)

Alchemical Radio is produced by our friends Terri~B and The Reverend Rabbit
from the Stone Premonitions label and features some of the best Psychedelia,
Progressive Rock, Metal, and adventurous Pop that the underground has to
offer. Visit the Stone Premonitions web site at

Tony Denikos - "Kill ?Em All"
Johnny Parry - "Little Ghost"
Jonah - "Wishes"
Anton Barbeau - "Guladong"
Greg Segal - "Neal Smith's Invisible Trike Part 2"
Anton Barbeau - "I'm Just A Country Girl"
Jen Gloeckner - "Miles Away"
Nothing 2 Declare - "No Man"
Robbie Roxx And The Monster Band - "Ever Been To Sea Billy?"
Strangers On A Train - "Pity On My Name"
Kathy Compton - "Sunrise"
The Izzys - "Stand Up Laughing, Falling Down To Cry"
Force Of Evil - "The Calling"
Basement 3 - "Pieces"
Sonus Umbra - "Amnesia Junkies Part 1 (Pax Americana)"
Syrinx - "Le Vingtieme Cercle"
Space Mirrors - "A Trip Through Inner Space"

Drool Trough (show #13)

Drool Trough is an all genres show featuring cool music from the
underground. We created Drool Trough for two reasons. First, we receive far
more submissions at Aural Innovations than we can reasonably have time to
review. And, second, we get a lot of cool music that doesn't fit neatly into
our more theme oriented radio shows. Anything is game for Drool Trough, and
from one track to the next you will hear completely different sounds and
styles, all from homemade musicians and teeny weeny but ultra fiesty labels.

Somebody Famous - "Prisoners Of The Real World" (from Prisoners Of The Real
Astronaut - "Buried" (from Times New Romance)
Rick McAlister - "Apologize" (from Surplus Cheese)
The Omegas - "Time Has Come" (from The Omegas)
Bruce Atchison - "Watson Lake" (from Space In My Head)
Mahi Mahi - "Blue and Gold" (from He No Wa)
Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores - "Black Holes" (from Every Man For Himself
and God
Against All)
Rebuilthangartheory - "Rusted Magnet" (from With Hurricane Blows)
Vinyl Soup - "Mr. Jello" (from Chasing Yesterday)
Superczar - "Reality Aroused" (from 6 Lives)
Sean Brooks - "Hang Your Hats" (from In Preparation For Dance)
Skinbat Scramble - "Pin Cushion" (from Volume Two)
Ricky Ropesack - "Five Years To The Red Spot" (from The Be Quick Or Be Dead EP)
Coltrane Motion - "Pi Is Exactly Three" (from Datawaslost: Beep Click Strum
Replicator - "It Seems Like The Real Deal, But The Citizenship Doesn't Hurt"
(from You Are
Under Surveillance)
Afterthem - "Remember" (from Afterthem)
Canard - "Live In Spain" (from A Pleasure To Be Around)
Colin Clary and the Magogs - "" (from Her Life Of Crime)
Logic Alley - "Barbie" (from Diabolical Songs)
Soniq Theater - "Vamos a Ver" (from The Third Eye)

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