BOC Book in the works! jswartz at MITRE.ORG
Tue Jul 13 12:43:07 EDT 2004

>>Former (?) BOC-L member Martin Popoff
>>(author of a most excellent book on Heavy Metal albums - with very
>>positive reviews of BOC and tBS albums) will finally be releasing a book
>>on BOC.
>Are you one of the people he interviewed for the project between '95 and
>now? As keeper of the FAQ, I'd say you're eminently qualified to provide the
>fans' perspective. Maybe even more so than Bolle, since he has a kind of
>insider status.

Martin and I have chatted a bit - Martin certainly qualifies as much as
a "fan" as I am - he actually listed me in the acknowledgements in his
Heavy Metal Collectors Guide.  It was I who pushed Martin to work with
Bolle where possible on this project.  I haven't heard from Martin in
awhile, but at the time we talked he indicated that he would credit the
FAQ if any of the material shows up in it.  I don't expect his book is
going to replace the FAQ or other things like the official BOC site, but
I expect it will be a most interesting book for most BOC fans.


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