Hawkwind gig review BURG HERZBERG 17.07.2004

bernhard.pospiech bernhard.pospiech at T-ONLINE.DE
Mon Jul 19 14:18:17 EDT 2004

Hi folks

Managed to go for the 1st Hawkwind gig in Germany after 8 years.
And it was a great one !!!

Met lot of folks from the lists
Mike Holmes, Keith Henderson, Nick Lee, Alfred Koessl, Rainer Wangler,
Andreas Stuewe, Dietrich Pless, Christos
Had a great time

I had the chance to chat with THE CAPTAIN for about 20 minutes and of
course Richard, Alan and Keith Barton were not far away
No new t-shirt poster or CD. Just the familiar stuff

Hawkwind played a blinding set. They hit the stage at 23:59h (after the
hell has opened with black massive clouds and heavy lightning and it
pissed down for about 30 minutes) and played a blinding 90 minutes set

Here is the track listing


intro / assault & battery / golden void / where are they now / out here
we are / sword of the east / right stuff / paranoia / brainstorm /
angels of death / psychedelic warlords / watcher / spirit of the age /
hassan i sahba / space is their / hassan i sahba / brainbox pollution

Only Dave Alan and Richard on stage but we all had the feeling that
there were more

It was one of the heaviest sets Hawkwind have ever played

It was pissing for the most part of the set but we all did not care

The band had fun. And we had fun as well !!

Do not know what happened to Dave but I have NEVER heard him play so
many (and excellent) guitar solos !!!!!

Highlights were without doubts

WATCHER (Dave played for the complete song a guitar solo)

BRAINSTORM (again here lots of guitar)


The 2 songs I could live without were



Lots of stereo effect during the songs

SPACE IS THEIR was very interesting



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