AW: Hawkwind gig review BURG HERZBERG 17.07.2004

sebastian at WELTON.DE sebastian at WELTON.DE
Tue Jul 20 07:18:45 EDT 2004

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> Date:    Mon, 19 Jul 2004 20:18:17 +0200
> From:    "bernhard.pospiech" <bernhard.pospiech at T-ONLINE.DE>
> Subject: Hawkwind gig review BURG HERZBERG 17.07.2004
> Hi folks
> Managed to go for the 1st Hawkwind gig in Germany after 8 years.
> And it was a great one !!!

I hope people had a good time, I was going to go as its only a short drive
but got called out for work. There was a short (10 minute) piece about it
on the local TV news and it looked nice and chilled out. Next up is the
Finkenbach Festival in the Odenwald (at Guru Guru's place.)


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