Hawkwind gig review BURG HERZBERG 17.07.2004

M Holmes fofp at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK
Wed Jul 21 06:18:52 EDT 2004

Nick Lee writes:

> Definitely a very good weekend, despite the weather which was truly
> biblical at times.  On Saturday night it managed to go from 0 to force
> 10 in a few seconds!

Yeah. My flagpole was knocked down. It's a cosmic tragedy I tell ya.

> The weather had stayed fine on Friday though

Heh, obviously you weren't there early afternoon when we got a
thunderstorm complete with the instant wind preceding it. I counted four
thunderstorms from when we got there on Thursday. Three at night.

> and Mr Quimby's Beard
> played a cracking set.  Very similar to the Sonic Chillout set but
> tighter, the sound was excellent and they got a great reception from the
> crowd.

Yes, they were outstanding. Pothead also did a great set.

> Very similar to the spring tour but with the addition The Watcher and
> Angels of Death in place of Angela Android and Wings.

I thought they played Wings. I must have been more ill than I thought.

> Good to catch up with lots of people from the list and crew as well.

Yep, everyone seemed in a great mood and Dave'n'Kris were clearly happy
to be going on holiday in Germany.

> I'd probably consider going back to this one, despite the distance, even
> without HW on the bill.

Yeah, I feel the same way about this one. From Edinburgh, the difference
between this and Glastonbury (flying to Bristol and taxi) is an extra
hour on the plane and an extra half hour in the car. Cut the hour
walking across Glastonbury to the side we like to camp, and the three
hours on the Monday morning praying for a place on a bus to Bristol and
in total the travelling comes out about even. On cost, the difference in
the plane flights is cacelled by the difference in the ticket price, and
there's absolutely no doubt that eating and drinking is very much
cheaper at Herzberg than Glastonbury. I guess the logistics are
different in England because you're within driving distance of the festivals.


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