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On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, Jill Strobridge wrote:


> And for anyone who missed it first (or second) time around if you have
> access to BBC4 they are showing the first of the series of The Prisoner
> at 11.00pm tonight.
> I'll be seeing you
> jill

        It was preceded by a (good) documentary on Viv Stanshall too. Odd
evening's viewing. The Hawkwind relationship of the Stanshall documentary
is pretty obvious, but for the second I have to come up with this: there's
a song on the Gadsby & Skol self-titled album called `Number 6' which
makes me wince when they get to the vocals as he misquotes the great `I am
not a number' exchange, but anyway that gets us to Hawkwind as of course
it came out on Woronzow, and a more reasonable attempt to supply Blue
Cheer in the lack of the actual band themselves I've not heard.

        Does anyone know what's up with Woronzow at the moment? Almost
everything on their website is at massively reduced prcies, even the most
recent Frond album isn't in print any more (but two older ones are) and
they generally give the impression of being on their uppers. Please not
them too... Yours,

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