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>Anyway, I just finished reading White Line Fever and it is a great book
>3/4 of the way and then I think Lemmy lost interest or something. He
>takes like 20 pages to cover the last 10 years of Motorhead..

... and too much of those last 10 years are "blah blah ... Ozzy ... blah
blah ... Slash ... blah blah ... Metallica ..." a lot of name dropping
(once Motorhead finally got the recognition they so richly deserved) and
not as much fun as the earlier years.  But I've never read a band/musician
bio where the "recent" history was anywhere near as interesting as the
early history.  Still, a great read overall and highly recommended!

>his stories of how he and Dik Mik were the total speed freaks in
>Hawkwind and the rest were acid heads (although Lemmy and Dik Mik did
>their share of LSD!). A fun read. There are for sure some things that
>Lemmy says that are different from what Kris Tait has in her book!

It's probably like the quote, "if you can remember the 60s accurately, you
weren't really there".  And the story of the two of them being "frozen" at
the Greasy Truckers Party Roundhouse gig is classic!

>One thing I was really surprised that Lemmy said was that Dave and Doug
>Smith were against the band playing so many free gigs in the early days.

I was under the impression that he was referring to Dave *Anderson*, not
Brock.  And it would be logical that Doug Smith would be opposed to the
band playing non-paying gigs since as manager, it's his job to make money
for the band.  Of course, the most frustrating part of a manager's job is
that the band's job is to make music, not money, and the two don't always
intersect (the recent Neil Young biography, 'Shakey', has some great parts
about artist/manager dynamics, since Neil has had the same manager ever
since leaving Buffalo Springfield, and occasionally made his life hellish).

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