Hawkwind on Matthew Wright

Steve Youles youless at COX.NET
Sat Jul 31 12:28:02 EDT 2004


This video clip requires an older component called audio codec 75 which is
not included with recent versions of Windows Media Player.  I have version
6.4 installed and got it to work by going into IE; Tools; Internet Options
and temporarily enabling downloading of unsigned ActiveX components.
(Change this setting back again after success!).  Then I played the clip
again in WMP 6.4 and it downloaded the codec, and played the clip with

Media Player 6.4 is already in Windows XP.  Click Start/Run... type
mplayer2 and hit enter.

Media Player Classic can also be downloaded here:

Can't personally vouch for the above since just changing the ActiveX
setting worked for me.



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