HW: Arthur Brown

Alan Linsley alankerren at YAHOO.CO.UK
Sat Jul 31 13:26:00 EDT 2004

This was 26 May 2003, line-up was Dave Brock, Simon House, Alan Davey,
Richard Chadwick, Arthur Brown.  I would be surprised if the video clip
was from a source other than Colin Allen, their Business Manager at the
time who used to record and film most of the gigs, and so it's probably
now owned by the band themselves.  As it seems they're planning a DVD
from the Hawkfest that took place 3 months later I guess we won't see a
DVD from the Bristol gig as Dave Brock tends to release only one
representative recording from each tour/year/phase of the band (except
1990 of course :-))  That'd be a shame IMHO, because Simon House was on
form on the May tour but below par at Hawkfest, and now he's gone
altogether (never to return if the rumours are to be believed) so a DVD
from the May tour would be a nice document of his contribution to the
band last year.

 --- Kenneth Magnusson <zim594j at TNINET.SE> wrote:
> I saw a video on some Arthur page with a version of Time Captains
> (Captives?) and Master Of The Universe from Bristol Academy 2003. . .
> what line-up is it and is it available as video or cd ?
> Kenneth

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