Off: No-Frills SpaceRock

CWarburton at OAG.COM CWarburton at OAG.COM
Fri Oct 1 05:16:30 EDT 2004

Carl wrote:
> On 29/09/2004 22:19, Jon Jarrett wrote:
> > On Fri, 10 Sep 2004, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:
> >> Effing dead, so it is :P   Anyone want to start a
> >> no-frills spacerock band? :)
> >
> > Well, yes. But I've been saying this for years and every time
> > I say it I seem to have even less money[1] than the too little
> > that prevented me agreeing to in the first place... [1] I
> > leave aside suchtrifles as my complete lack of musical talent
> > naturally.
> The whole point of no-frills spacerock is that [1] doesn't
> matter so much :)  At least, I've never let it bother _me_ :)

Doesn't bother me too much either - there are enough ways of blurring
the edges (fuzz-boxes, oscillators, ring-modulators *heh-heh*)
My problem is that everything between my elbows and the loudspeaker
conspires to produce scuzzy blues-rock.  However, between my V-Amp and
some of the more extreme settings on my Alesis GuitarFX, I can at least
make swooshy noises & sinister industrial/interstellar clatter.

> > Nah,  tune down :)
> >
> > Naaahhh: turn on, tune up, rock out!
> Tune up?!  My strings will all start to break!  (I mean, even
> faster than through the normal process of corrosion :)

You could always *koff* BUY NEW STRINGS!
I have also seen a debate concerning the whys & wherefores of taking
your bass strings off, tossing 'em in a pan of boiling water for half an
hour and then restringing when dry.  Sounds iffy to me, but if your
strings are in a terrible state in the first place, what's to lose??

:- wondering if he can afford a)more memory, b)a half-decent soundcard
c)a bigger monitor for his crappy eyesight & d) a bigger, faster
hard-disk while at the same time saving for a trip to Canada. (What is
it with Helen's relatives & weddings in awkward places - Medicine Hat
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