OFF: Aural Innovations Radio: New Purple Overdose Tribute Special, and Atomic Bongload shows!!

Jerry Kranitz jkranitz at AURAL-INNOVATIONS.COM
Sat Oct 2 06:34:45 EDT 2004

Announcements (October 2, 2004): We've just uploaded new shows from Aural
Innovations Space Rock Radio, which is a Purple Overdose Tribute Special
(show #112), and The Atomic Bongload (show #7). See the playlists below.

You can go directly to the Radio shows page at:

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Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio: Purple Overdose Tribute Special (show #112)

Purple Overdose were a band from Greece who became one of my favorite
psychedelic bands of the past decade. Though they disbanded a couple years
ago, the Purple Overdose spirit lives on with the recent release by On Stage
Records of Painting The Air, an LP only collection of rarities and
unreleased tracks from the 1980's. So having revisited the entire Purple
Overdose catalog I decided to do a tribute special with selections from all
their albums.

"Magic Forest" (from Painting The Air)
"Her Arms Embraced The Sun" (from Reborn)
"Solemn Visions" (from Solemn Visions)
"Fell From The Stars" (from Purple Overdose)
"Holes" (from Exit #4)
"Chase The Colour" (from The Salmon's Trip Live - LP version)
"Golden Eyes" (from Indigo) 53:45-1:01:30
"Still Ill" (from Painting The Air)
"Nobody There" (from Reborn)

The Atomic Bongload (show #7)

Gas Giant - "Storm Of My Enemies" (from Pleasant Journey In Heavy Tunes)
Colour Haze - "Mountain" (from Colour Haze)
Pentagram - "Show  em How" (from Show  em How)
Wicked Minds - "From The Purple Skies" (from From The Purple Skies)
Church Of Misery - "Road To Ruin" (from Early Works Compilation)
Nebula - "Atomic Ritual" (from Atomic Ritual)
Datura - "Euphoria" (from Visions For The Celestial)
Zess - "A Forest Mass" (from Et In Arcadia Ego)
Trigon - "Wenn Wir Dich Rauchen Schreien Wir" (from Herzberg 2004)
Phased - "His Sordid Past" (Music For Gentlemen)
Ripper - "Sinister Minister" (from ...And The Dead Shall Rise)

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