BOC: A "dizzying excursion into [3OC's] world"

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at CARLAZ.COM
Wed Oct 6 10:50:43 EDT 2004

On 06/10/2004 15:01, Jon Jarrett wrote:
>         I know it won't be like the first three albums, of course not. But
> as I said at the time we were all waiting for CotHM in Britain still, I'm
> not hoping for another _Secret Treaties_; but I wouldn't mind another
> _Cultosaurus Erectus_...

Well, I wouldn't mind the lyrical-musical vibe of _ST_ but maybe with
rather better production?  I just can't get into the _thin_ sound of the
early albums (and its a testament to the actual material on them that I
still like them a lot :)

Which isn't to say that I think BOC should sound like Kyuss :)  That
would be silly.  BOC should sound solid and powerful; not too fuzzy and
_definitely_ not to _thin_! :)

Damn, they should get that guy who produced that Bruce Dickenson album,
Chemical Wedding, to produce!  What was his name?  Roy Z, I think ....
Great sound on that album.

>         Of course, we who think we could do better could always fling
> lyrics at them ourselves. I've got this sub-Clutch set I've been working
> on for ages now with no real will because they'll never be as good as whom
> I'm trying to rip off :-) If they'd be any good to BOC, I bet I can do
> better than John Shirley :-) Though the issue did seem partly to be what
> the band did to Shirley's original lyrics, as I remember. Ah well, never
> that simple eh?

Thinking of Bruce D. plundering Blake, BOC could do worse than point
themselves back towards the likes of HP Lovecraft ....


Carl Edlund Anderson

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