BOC: A "dizzying excursion into Pearlman's world"

Albert Bouchard ir004728 at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Oct 6 21:19:39 EDT 2004

On Oct 6, 2004, at 4:52 PM, Jon Jarrett wrote:

>         I'm sorry Al! I've been having a search on the archives for
> where
> on earth I got that idea and I can't find it. I remember, or seem to, a
> post of yours about the song `Fire of Unknown Origin', and how it had
> been
> meant to go on instead of `Debbie Denise' but the producer had vetoed
> it. Because then you'd have been singing more songs on the album than
> Eric? And yet they put one of yours on anyway...

Right story, wrong song. It was Tenderloin. I also think, though, that
Fire is a better song than DD. Neither Debbie Denise or Tenderloin were
very good live and it's easy to imagine a dramatic version of Fire that
would stoke the applause meters.
We did DD live in tBS but it didn't go over well either. Now that Ross
the Boss is in the band it's unlikely we will ever play it again.
We've written so much new material over the summer and we are dying to
let people hear that. Those who have heard the demos agree that it is a
major change of direction (much, much heavier) for us. Any BOC-Lers in
the NY metro area might want to check out our gig next Friday in
Montclair NJ where we're playing over half of the new album. See the
website for details.

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