HW: Cambridge venue

Henderson Keith keith.henderson at PSI.CH
Mon Oct 11 05:47:14 EDT 2004

Hey Folks...

I'm still trying to decide about what weekend to come to the UK.  The
"change" in plan to make the Xmas show again in London, as opposed to the
Exeter gig the night before, makes the 'second' weekend perhaps more
enticing now.  However, I didn't much care for the Astoria's acoustics last
year, and figure that nothing much has changed in the last 12 months on that
account.  But, if it will indeed be the show with some surprise guests
and/or extra encore tracks, or even the pre-/post-game festivities as in
year's past, it might still be a worthwhile experience.  So...as one gig
(especially in an murky echo chamber) is never enough from one HW tour, I
would think about the Cambridge show on the 17th as well.  Exeter is kind of
far to travel out and back, you know.  And so I had a look just now online
to see about this so-called "Corn Exchange".  (Is this name the subject of
some sort of local joke these days?  Or am I the only one who thinks such
awful thoughts?)

Anyway, this place looks really cool...photo-wise I mean.  And although I
would prefer a place where one has the option of either standing *or*
sitting (and this place seems to be 100% seating?), I would be willing to
"sit" through a Hawkwind show to have a really excellent view and great
sound.  Given that the Astoria show will be the exact opposite.

And plus....read what they put in the "Wir ueber uns" bit!
Situated in the heart of the historic university city of Cambridge, the Corn
Exchange is an impressive example of Victorian architecture, combined with
21st Century technology and full disabled access.

One of the leading concert venues of the UK, the venue offers above all S P
A C E in the heart of the city - space which is flexible, well serviced and
expertly staffed and is large enough to cater up to thirteen hundred

offers *ABOVE ALL* SPACE!!!  Can't get much better than that!

So...as Cambridge could also potentially become my next home (sad, but
true), I might also want to check out the area in advance.

So, Arin...that means I might be a participant in the 'hotel search' plan.
Put me in the "cheap" category!  :)  Actually, I'll pay anything to avoid
that nonsense of two years ago of taking the trip back to Gatwick at 4 AM in
the morning completely off my ass.  I have to shed some of my 'Geizhals'

Grakkl (FAA)

ObCD: Pothead - Live in Berlin

P.S.  Why do they make it so hard to go from Luton to Cambridge (and vice
versa) by train?  They've got these two parallel lines very close to
together going north (from what I remember) and no easy way to switch over
without going all the way into King's Cross and back out.  And the airport
bus (I think) only runs every two hours, which (because it's going to an
AIRPORT, with flights rather more often than just every two stinking hours)
makes it almost entirely useless.  Anyway....

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