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Carl Edlund Anderson cea at CARLAZ.COM
Mon Oct 11 06:01:14 EDT 2004

On 11/10/2004 10:47, Henderson Keith wrote:
> And so I had a look just now online
> to see about this so-called "Corn Exchange".  (Is this name the subject of
> some sort of local joke these days?  Or am I the only one who thinks such
> awful thoughts?)
> Anyway, this place looks really cool...photo-wise I mean.  And although I
> would prefer a place where one has the option of either standing *or*
> sitting (and this place seems to be 100% seating?), I would be willing to
> "sit" through a Hawkwind show to have a really excellent view and great
> sound.  Given that the Astoria show will be the exact opposite.

The Cambridge Corn Exchange is a bit of a barn, really (it being where
corn used to be bought and sold), but we ain't got no better here!  The
put out plastic stacking chairs on the main floor for shows where they
expect the audience to creak into their chairs, but clear the floor for
standing otherwise; I'm guessing HW's audience still rate a standing
show, but I suppose I could be wrong :)  I think the seats in the
balcony are permanent, but I've actually never been up there ....

So, in short, the Cambridge Corn Exchange ain't got the greatest
acoustics in the world, and the seating comes and goes at the whim of
the venue, but it is much closer and cheaper to get to than London (for
me)!  It does the job.

> P.S.  Why do they make it so hard to go from Luton to Cambridge (and vice
> versa) by train?  They've got these two parallel lines very close to
> together going north (from what I remember) and no easy way to switch over
> without going all the way into King's Cross and back out.  And the airport
> bus (I think) only runs every two hours, which (because it's going to an
> AIRPORT, with flights rather more often than just every two stinking hours)
> makes it almost entirely useless.  Anyway....

Because, by European standards, the UK's transport network (I use the
term loosely) sucks.  And I assume that some directive has been issued
somewhere that states that this suckiness must be maintained and
expanded at the greatest cost possible, since only this can explain the
current state of affairs adequately.  Ah well.


Carl Edlund Anderson

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