OFF: Johnny Ramone

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at CARLAZ.COM
Thu Oct 14 11:10:18 EDT 2004

On 14/10/2004 15:51, Jon Jarrett wrote:
> Apart from making pop music with guitars that
> comes in at about two and a half minutes I don't really see how they've
> stolen the Ramones' crown. They're not about the same thing at all, even
> if they are starting from the same basic set-up.

It's not possible to steal the Ramones' crown!  The Ramones crown is
invincible!  untouchable!

But, indeed, there's naught wrong with making pop music with guitars;
IMO, it's a damn sight better than making pop music with cheezy sounding
synths.  Surely "pop" music just means a catchy riff that's produced to
fit current sonic fashions and isn't so long that it will break the
short-attention-span limit?  Oh, and marketed with sufficient aggression
that it spills all over the radio :)

Eh, a good song is a good song.  It's usually the production on pop
songs (which seems to have become increasingly inorganic over the years)
that drives me nuts.  If pop music just had more crushingly heavy
guitars, that would be OK :)


ObCD: Shakira, _¿Dónde están los ladrones?_ :)

Carl Edlund Anderson

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