hotel options for xmas date

Iain Ferguson iainferguson at AOL.COM
Fri Oct 15 11:21:26 EDT 2004

yep, tiz 3 to 3.5 hours by train, but don't go telling anyone from
outside of the UK how much they'd have to pay...

Its one of the joys of coming to the UK to get totally & utterly fleeced
by such a shower of B*ST*RDS
Seriously though folks if you are going to take the train from London to
Manchester or Liverpool, expect a real nasty shock at the price. Go
during the day, not during rush hour. try and book tickets in advance,
I've seen people have to pay £150 return during rush hour and that was
what the euthemistically called standard class ( try filth truck , its
more apt)....

Yep you probibly guessed I have to travel to London every week for work
from Bristol, & I tell yo u, its only due to the fact that the company
pay that I travel on such an aweful system........

national express coaches will be far cheaper, though you may have to put
up with someone smelling of Piss sitting next to you.  But hey it'll
only cost about 30 quid return.....

best of luck travellers...

I'll be at Swindon & Astoria, might get to exeter as well........


Rich wrote on 10/15/2004, 3:50 PM:

 > They're about 3 to 3.5 hours by rail from London I think, but the
 > Manchester
 > and Birkenhead gigs are close together (45 Minutes to 1 Hour Apart)by
 > rail.
 > Rich
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 > Can one of our UK counterparts tell me the proximity and/or ease of
 > transport of Bayswater area to the Astoria venue?
 > Also, are the newly added Monday & Tuesday shows near or far from London?
 > Thanks in advance.
 > Mark
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