OFF: Aural Innovations Radio: New Space Rock, Magic Cat Radio, and Drool Trough shows

Jerry Kranitz jkranitz at AURAL-INNOVATIONS.COM
Sun Oct 17 09:07:30 EDT 2004

Announcements (October 17, 2004): We've just uploaded new shows from Aural
Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #113), Magic Cat Radio (show #8), and
Drool Trough (show #19). See the playlists below.

You can go directly to the Radio shows page at:

Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #113)

Hidria Spacefolk - "Pajas" (from Balansia)
Nigel Potter - "Callsign" (from page)
Second Sight - "Alive In The Dead Of Night" (from page)
Litmus - "Sonic Light" / "Rays Of Sonic Light" (from You are Here)
Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials v Sons Of Selina - "Creatures Of The Night"
The Stoneage Hearts - "Eye Of A Lie" (from Guilty As Sin)
Daydream Nation - "Neon" (from Bella Vendetta)
Steve Lawson - "The Space Between The Silence" (from Grace and Gratitude)
Nifty Eagu & the Glo-Pilots - "Second Vision" (from Glo-Balisation)
Sula Bassana - "Dealer McDope" (from Dreamer)
Tom Byrne - "Grey Goo" (from The Store Of All The Worlds)
Sloterdijk - "Integration" (from PEMAF)

Magic Cat Radio (show #8)

Magic Cat Radio comes to us from Kev Ellis of Dr Brown and Majic Cat, and
features special live performances from Majic Cat, related bands, and
anything else that Kev cares to share. This edition of Magic Cat Radio is a
compilation of friends and companions musical utterances.

The Valles Brothers Band - "Aeroplane"
Firegarden - "Eden"
Zachariah Toadstool - "Deforest Kelley Of Arden"
The One Eyed Bishops - "Shorty George"
Acousticat - "Kiffcat Blues"
Superczar - "The Flight"
Neil Forbes & Bill Newsinger - "Big Red Van"
Bubbledubble - "Hubblescope"
Sonic Arcana - "Sonic 1"
The Burning Wood Project - "Track No. 7"
The Far Look - "The Fruit Of Frost Mayhem"

Drool Trough (show #19)

Drool Trough is an all genres show featuring cool music from the
underground. We created Drool Trough for two reasons. First, we receive far
more submissions at Aural Innovations than we can reasonably have time to
review. And, second, we get a lot of cool music that doesn't fit neatly into
our more theme oriented radio shows. Anything is game for Drool Trough, and
from one track to the next you will hear completely different sounds and
styles, all from homemade musicians and teeny weeny but ultra fiesty labels.

The Stoneage Hearts - "Rock N Roll Boys Rock N Roll Girls" (from Guilty As Sin)
Dada Dicky - "Black And White" (from Dada Dicky)
Zmrzlina - "Confection" (from Azadi! A Benefit Compilation for the
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan)
Qualone - "Insanity Ride" (from Qualone)
Nick Castro - "Jack Of All Seasons" (from A Spy In The House Of God)
David Shamrock - "Farewell" (from Thin Pillow)
The Mothers Anger - "So" (from The Mothers Anger)
New Planet Trampoline - "Whirlpool Clyde" (from The Curse Of The New Planet
The Volta Sound - "I Knew You'd Know" (from Dandelion Wine)
Aspects Of Physics - "3:55:58" (from Marginalized Information Forms One: Ping)
Ginger Leigh - "In The Month Of March" (from If I Should Die Tomorrow)
Superczar - "C.O.W." (from Pop Art)
Bob Seawick - "Breakthrough" (from Distant Latitudes)
Liam Macdonald - "Eagle And Snake" (from Verge)
Johnny Jones - "Wouldn't Mind It (Jack Kelly Blues)" (from Suffering Halos)
A Five And Dime Ship - "A Small Death" (from The Way It All Would End)
Owen - "The Moon Is Dipped In Silver" (from Psychedelic Tour De Force)
Terry Munday - "Behind The Veil Of Ignorance" (from The Human Zone)
Rebuilthangartheory - "Rusted Magnet" (from With Hurricane Blows)
Blow Up Hollywood - "Oceans" (from Fake)

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