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Henderson Keith keith.henderson at PSI.CH
Mon Oct 18 06:03:23 EDT 2004

Jon "A Good Thread Never Dies" Jarrett comes up with....

>ages back, when we were still expecting a Farflung album
>called _The Myth of Solid Ground_ to emerge, I remember I think Keith H.
>googling for the title and coming up with an SF news report about the San
>Andreas fault or something like that, and suggesting that at least we
>knew what Tommy Grenas had been reading a little while ago.

LA Weekly it was...

Now a brand new search yields that this story has become much more than
that, given that its author has now published a book under that same title.
You can find it at amazon.com in fact.

Not everyone is thrilled with Mr. Ulin though...

But I don't quite understand the situation, 'cause the Amazon review seems
to suggest that Ulin's book shows some amount of amazement at the current
level of earthquake prediction ability.  But the LAWeekly article (which I
haven't actually read) was subtitled "On The Science, Pseudoscience and
Lunatic Logic of Earthquake Prediction."  So what is he?  A flip-flopper?

Hmm...but anyway...searching on the title via Yahoo still hits Aural
Innovations at No. 2 (sadly below "Wal-Mart")...Google puts us on the second
page after a bunch of inevitable big name book-sellers following the Ulin

Grakkl (FFA)

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